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COMPLIANCE is Difficult, Hard and Complicated!


We hear this a lot from C-level executives at financial institutions, e-commerce and fin-tech unfortunately compliance is not optional. It gets a lot harder when dealing with ever changing global regulations across Anti Money Laundering, Countering Terrorism Financing and Transaction Authentication.


Because as a team, we know, live and breathe compliance. We obsess over how to apply data science, compliance laws and regulations, risk identification and authentication management and often times new and emerging technology to create a user experience our customer and people will love – all to make compliance operations teams more effective and productive.


We help compliance teams maintain their adherence to the rigorous regulator audits and compliance expectations through predictive description and deep learning across Policy, Screening, Filing and Knowledge expectations


We help executives, founders and compliance teams know whether they will hit their compliance forecast and how to avoid regulatory fines and penalties in the future. We help compliance teams build customer compliance risk insights (CCRI) connecting patterns for evidence based De-risking decisions across identified customer segments.  the board they never knew existed and enable them coach their teams to become top regions. We help executives and founders stop risky customers access and abuse their services by making them smarter about their prospect screening prospects and less bogged down by manual STR/LCT admin tasks.


We help our customers authenticate transactions details adhering to strict privacy guidelines while ensuring a safe and smooth transaction authentication process accelerating their compliance with stringent Know Your Customer regulations, GDPR, Open Banking and PSD2 regulations.


We speak “Law” and build algorithms from compliance and law enforcement rules that help compliance teams gather and build evidence case files in support of Law Enforcement efforts thereby exonerating themselves from charges of collusion or complacency with regulations.



We each may have felt discouraged or depressed due to lack of access to jobs or credit. Central banks are mandated to manage and create balance in the financial health of every country through the fiscal (taxation etc.) and monetary (Interest rates) policy. If more money becomes available within a country the Central bank is mandated to mop it up by raising interest rates clouding out small borrowers, which in turn slows the wheels of economic growth and leads to job losses.


The Anti Money Laundering Regulations seek to put a lead to this illegal money and keep the economy on track to grow more jobs and also increase tax collections. Compliance with these regulations is the only guarantee for economic growth and job security for ourselves and especially for the greater customer and community.




Our goal to change people’s mindset about compliance and provide a solution to ever increasing regulatory fines and penalties is our top motivation but disrupting a $100 billion marketis a nice bonus.




Encouraging compliance with regulation isn’t easy. But delivering advanced technology is both challenging and meaningful work. Data science is what we breathe. Because compliance is such a structured process that it produces tons of data. Discovering patterns and building safety nets as risk drivers enables better decision making by executives and founders alike while complying with an ever-changing regulatory environment.


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